“Can we please have Cassidy to the office.” the principal’s voice rang out overhead and I winced as the teacher stood and eyed me with interest. In this school the only reason you ever got called to the office was if you had done something really, really bad. “You had better get down there then Cassidy.” she commanded me, “And I think I had better come with you.”

I sneered as I headed to the door. Nosy little rat.

I wondered if they had found out about my visits to the other side of town yet. I bit my lip, but I had been so careful every time I went to not to be followed. Still, when two warring mobs controlled the town not much is left unnoticed.

If they had found out Tony would be so pissed at me. Tony was my brother and the leader of the Avidite mob that controlled this side of town. I had been visiting Candy, my best friend, whose boyfriend was the second in command of the Sillias brothers. They controlled everything passed the train tracks.

As I entered the office Principal Flanders looked away from the window, straightening his suit and eyeing me with distain. “Hello Cassidy.” he greeted me, looking over the edges of his glasses.

I raised an eyebrow, “Yeah, yeah. What?” I asked, not bothering to be nice. He glowered at my attitude and the teacher placed a hand lightly on my shoulders, nails digging into my skin like claws. “Can you tell us why you’re here?” she asked in a warning voice.

I shrugged, “Not really, considering the fact that I was called here.” I said snidely. The principal scowled.

Oh they totally had caught me sneaking out of dorms. I was toast. They had probably already contacted Tony.

“Anyone who betrays the mob must be punished. Even the sister of our grand leader.” he said, glaring and taking off his glasses. I sneered, “Ooh, punished…” I dragged off, “It isn’t like I killed nobody.” I stated, trying my best to imitate Candy when she was being intimidating. Obviously it wasn’t working very well be cause the teacher sneered, “Anybody. Not nobody.” she corrected and I rolled my eyes. “Whatever, I’m outta here.” I headed for the door but principal Flanders grabbed my arm. “Not so fast, you’re in a lot of trouble Cassidy.”

Just then the door was jerked open and two men in dark suits stalked into the room, shades covering their eyes and hands hovering over the holsters at their hips.

The principal walked around the desk, shoving me to the teacher, “Who are you boys?” she spat out, holding my arms. “And what are you doing in my office?” Flanders asked. The two men moved to either side of the doorway as two more men walked through. The one in front wore a black suit with a fedora and had a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist.

He winked at me and I recognized him as Paul, Candy’s boyfriend. And that meant…

Paul stepped aside so a man in a long leather trench coat could step through, his black hair long and shaggy hid his pale face and the blue eyes I had seen only twice.

Jackson Sillias smirked as he looked up; taking his time as he walked over to me, still trapped under the teachers hands.

“Jackson!” I smiled and greeted him as he glared at the teacher until she let me go. Then he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. I stood still, shocked and when he pulled away he whispered in my ear, “Play along Cassie baby.”

“Yeah now step aside.” he commanded me, pushing me into Paul’s arms and straightening his jacket. “What seems to be the problem here?” he asked.

“Who are you?” the principal asked, looking scandalized.

Jackson smirked, “Jackson Sillias. And from now on I ask the questions around here.” he commanded, pointing at the old man threateningly.

Flanders looked rightfully terrified, as anyone who was confronted with the Sillias mob boss would.

“Sit down.” Paul said, shoving the teacher into a chair. “Now just a –” Flanders tried to cut in. “Sit down!” Jackson yelled and the two body guards pulled out the guns at their waists.

The two grownups scrambled into chairs and Jackson sat in the big leather one behind the principals desk, propping his feet up on the mahogany. Paul took his place beside him, standing with his arms crossed. Jackson gestured to me and then grabbed my waist as I approached, setting me on the edge of the table before him.

“Now,” he stated, “Start talkin’!”

“Well, your little girlfriend here is in a lot of trouble.” Flanders sneered at Jackson who grinned slyly. “No.” he said, turning to Paul. Jackson snapped his fingers at him and Paul opened the briefcase, flipping it open so the mob boss could see the contents.

“I say Cassie here is not in any trouble at all.” he finished, grinning down at the black box and flipping through some papers inside.

I leaned over to see inside but Jackson glared at me, smirking, and slapped my waist teasingly, “Wait for it Cassie, baby.” he said. “As I was saying,” he said, winking at me and flipping up the lapels of his trench coat, “She is not in trouble.”

“Oh yes she is!” the teacher blurted out, leaning forward and nodding stiffly. I smirked, “No I ain’t.” I curled my lip, crossing my arms in defiance.

“We aren’t scared of you Mr. Sillias. We are in our rightful territory.” the principal stated, leaning over the desk and meeting Jackson’s eyes. “Yeah!” the teacher stood too.

Jackson grinned as he lifted a paper from the briefcase, looking it over and grinning secretively. “You know Principal Flanders, you’re very photogenic.” he stated, looking over the paper again.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” the old man asked, looking confused and standing up straight now. “Just that you take a pretty picture.” Jackson said seriously, swinging his legs down from the desk and standing, laying a hand lightly on my waist and I smiled under his touch, knowing nothing could touch me.

“What are you talking about?” the teacher asked, putting a hand on her hip and grimacing. Jackson smiled gently. “This.”

He flipped the picture around so we could all see a clear picture of him and the teacher obviously embraced in a very sexual and heated manner.

I grinned, leaning back to kiss Jackson’s cheek, “You are amazing.” I whispered as the two grownups gasped and grabbed at the picture at the same time. I swear I saw Jackson blush before he turned away.

“Now I’d hate to see that on Tony’s desk, wouldn’t you?” he asked, tilting his head and crossing his arms.

“Well yes…” Flanders said and Paul nodded. “Actually boss, the relations between staff are forbidden in this school.” he said, eyeing the two as they blushed. “Well…just the cherry on top huh?” Jackson said, smirking at Paul.

“No!” the teacher burst out, “Picture or no picture Cassidy is in a lot of trouble!” she exclaimed.

Suddenly car wheels were heard squealing out front and Paul and the two silent guards rushed to the window. “Jackson! It’s my brother!” I cried out, jumping off the desk and looking toward Paul.

He turned from the window, nodding, “Jackson, it’s the Avidite brothers! The girls’ right!” he yelled, pulling out his gun and peeking out the window again. “And they got 45ers!” he yelled.

“Cassidy, get down!” Jackson yelled, grabbing my waist and pulling me under the big desk with him. I was smashed right up against him as the window was shattered and bullets started shattering the office, raining down around us.

“It’s alright.” Jackson whispered as the room was hailed by bullets.

Soon the bullets stopped and I heard the car screech away toward the entrance to the school. I stood slowly, Jackson by my side, hands still around my waist and trench coat wrapped around me protectively.

Principal Flanders was lying on the carpet, blood smearing across it as he lay there. The teacher was cowering in the corner, staring at the man in horror.

“Come on boss, we gotta go.” Paul said, looking toward the window. “Lets go.” I whispered to Jackson, trying to ignore the body on the floor. He nodded, “Whatever you want doll.” he said, kissing me on the cheek.

Paul led us out of the building where a black car waited and I got in.

My brother was going to be so pissed with me.



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  1. terriwillmore says:

    This is great – where’s the next installment? What’s her brother going to do? Inquiring minds want to know!

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