My Boyfriend Merlin

By : Priya Ardis

So, this book was actually really good despite the unfortunate title.

Ryan(main character)’s EX – boyfriend, Matt, who is actually Merlin, saves her from an earthquake. In this earthquake a giant rock falls from the sky and in it is buried the sword Excalibur. Apparently Matt is actually Merlin who was just using her to get to Ryan’s brother and her brother is the one who could pull the sword out.

Again with the jerk thing!!!

But, when Ryan follows along to the school for could-be Arthurs, she meets Matt’s brother.


He’s a jerk. But hes amazing! I looooved him. And he is so much better than Matt. I liked him better because while Matt refuses to admit his feelings and broods, Vane talks to her and trains her. In a mean way. But still.

And I don’t want to ruin it but there are gargoyles that attack and a really, really, really annoying plot twist in the end.

Lets just say…I hate Matt.

The movie trailer, which I’m attaching below, makes out Matt to be cool. Vanes cooler.

But, all in all, its a really good book and worth checking out.


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  1. What a cool site! I grew with the library as my second home. So glad you enjoyed Boyfriend. Thank you for the post, Kaylee!

    Happy Readings!
    Priya Ardis

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