And, yes, that is Daemon.


By : Abbi Glines

There’s this girl named Pagan right? (she must really, really hate her parents for that name…) And she can see spirits. And not cool see-your-future/help-you-catch-a-murderer spirits. But, ‘Help us, were dead and need you to do every little thing for us!’ kind of spirits. Annoying.  So Pagan has learned to ignore them so they don’t bother her.

Until Dank shows up.  He is there on her first day of school, leaning up against a picnic table. Heh, heh, heh…I love him. She tries to ignore him but he wont take no for an answer. She thinks the wickedly beautiful soul she is falling in love with is a spirit as well until he reveals that he’s not one. Not even close.

In fact, Dank is…Death.

Fact : he’s in love with her.

Problem 1 – Pagan has a boyfriend. The golden boy of football stardom; Leif Montgomery (Seriously? Really? That’s his name? *rolls eyes*)

Problem 2 – Death can’t love. Like, at all. It freaking sucks!

So, they have to find a way around those problems and the end is a giant cliffhanger. Another problem is that they’re self-published! Die! Ugh, problem here!

But its a really good book and I adore Dank. Pagans actually cool as well. Totally worth checking out.

Unfortunately I can’t find a book trailer for it but there are some fan made ones on YouTube.


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