Hellooooo my wonderful musical minions! So. Here’s my plan. Ready? Cool beans. Normally within the first week of the month I’ll post a list of New Releases that are worth noting. Since we’re starting this blog in the middle of the month I’m just gonna go ahead and post the albums that came out and will be coming out cause THERE’S SO MANY in October! WIN. Absolute BEAST win.
p.s. I’m only posting the ones I think are decent so if you want to know more releases, check amazon, iTunes, etc.
~Out Now
Mumford & Sons – Babel (The long awaited album. I’m not disappointed but not SUPER impressed either. It seems like they follow the same format in their music writing for most of their songs. The lyrics are fantastic though. Always super poetic.)
All Time Low – Don’t Panic (I haven’t heard the new album yet but they’re pretty decent in the rock/pop realm so if you’re into that..check ’em out.)
Ellie Goulding – Halycon
Diana Krall – Glad Rag Doll (If you like jazz, then listen to this chick. She’s got a real smooth deep voice and incredible piano skillz. Apart from the cover, it’s a great CD.)
The Piano Guys – The Piano Guys (They do the SICKEST classical covers of songs and remakes of other classical masterpieces. You can’t go wrong with a little piano and cello. Seriously. Can I get an amen?)
Brandon Heath – Blue Mountain
The Killers – Battle Born (Haven’t heard it yet, but it’s the Killers and they’re good. So yeah. PUMPED)
Grizzly Bear – Shields (OKAY, These guys are a HUGE deal and soooo over-looked. Great great music and totally Indi/Hipster-esque)
Ben Folds Five – The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind (My favorite new release so far.  Ben Folds basically rocks my socks. He’s definitely more of a classically trained pianist but he mixes it well with contemporary and upbeat stuff. The first song and last song are my favorite.)
Coheed & Cambria – Afterman: Ascension (This band goes wayyyyy back. So fun to see them coming out with some new stuff)
Beth Orton – Sugaring Season (She’s got a real chill vibe to her. Love it.)
Tristan Prettyman – Cedar + Gold
Band of Horses – Mirage Rock (If all y’all youngens are hip enough to know who The Eagles are, than you’ll most likely enjoy Band of Horses)
David Byrne & St. Vincent – Love This Giant (BEAST combination of musicians.  Really rad. And one of the oddest CD’s I’ve heard in a while.)
The Avett Brothers – The Carpenter (OK.  If you like Mumford & Sons then listen to these guys and your world will be turned around for the better!!!)
~Yet to be released in October!!! (PUMPED)
A Fine Frenzy – Pines (10/16)
Mika – Origin of Love (10/16)
Anberlin – Vital (10/16)
Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab For Cutie) – Former Lives (10/23)
Colbie Cailliat – Christmas In The Sand (10/16) (HAH CHRISTMAS ALREADY!)
Further Seems Forever – Penny Black (10/23)
Andrew Bird – Hands Of Glory (10/30)

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