By : Sarah Rees Brennan

Right. Meet Kami Glass and she’s in love. …With the voice in her head.

Okay, now before you send her to the loony bin hear me out. From the first moment of her birth Kami has heard a voice in her head. His name in Jared. She once told people about Jared and they flipped out so she learned not to tell anyone about him. He was her own personal secret. Her’s.

But other than having a voice in her head she has a best friend, runs the school newspaper, and is only occasionally caught talking to herself. Which is good.

But then they come back to town. The Lynburns.

They’re back, and with two new additions to the family. Brothers. Ash. …And Jared.

Now, the thing i liked about this book is that the girl, Kami, is tough. She steps up and confronts the mysterious, bad boy. And its him. And he seems to hate her.

Jared hates her. Or so it seems. Both Kami and Jared have problems adjusting but when they finally get together…I love that part. But we have a problem here as well. Ash likes her too. And Jared won’t have that.

But, why are they connected? What secrets is Kami’s mom hiding? And why is Ash acting so weird?

This is probably my favorite book in a long time, even before Obsidian. I sucked the whole thing up in a matter of hours despite its large size and I LOVED EVERY SINGLE SECOND.

Warning : You will cry at the end. No one dies but…you will cry.

The trailer answers nothing and i know that theres a good fan made one on YouTube. But this is the official. You have to read this book guys. I’m so serious. I loved him. I mean…the book.


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