Good cover but look at this guys face bones…

Poison Princess

By:Kresley Cole

Evie Greene leads a good life in her giant mansion. With a cool best friend and hot, football playing boyfriend she pretty much has it all. Until he shows up.

He has a mile-long rap sheet, wicked grin, and bad attitude. *sighs in happiness*

Jackson (a.k.a. Jack) Deveaux.

But, he comes from the other side of town and him and his cronies pretty much hate Evie and her group as much as they mock flirt with them. “Mock…” *coughcough* Anyway, hes awesome. Truly.

But Evie has visions of the coming apocalypse. She doesn’t know that they’re visions but…they are. And they come true. This apocalypse is called The Flash and it evaporates all known water. Oceans, rivers, lakes. Gone.

But Evie can grow plants. Quite convenient eh?

But, moving on. Her mom dies in The Flash so when Jackson shows up she takes his help willingly and gladly. Yep, hes so cool. They are going to find out of her grandmother is still alive and on the trip i promise motorcycles, zombies, a boat, and lots, lots, lots, and lots of tension. Heh, heh, heh…

There’s also this whole thing about a tarot deck coming to life, a hunter girl names Serena who is a total home-wrecker, a boy named Mat, and yet more tension! Oh, and a creepy, crazy, murderess called the Red Witch.  Yeah…she scares me.There’s also a HUGE plot twist at the end!

There’s actually not a trailer that i can find on this book. But read it.  Reeeeaaaadddd ittttttt…


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