By: Gina Damico

Meet Lex. She’s awesome. Moving on… Actually, no. Not moving on. This girl is nothing like any other girl in any other book I’ve ever read. Literally. She’s not just tough, though she is, very much so, but its the fact that she has no one else and just relies on herself. I mean., her sister, who is sweet and cool, but shes just…her.

I like that.

And she punches people. Its awesome.

So, she is sent to live with her Uncle Mort for the summer because she has been a bit of a delinquent. A bit…*coughcough*…right. Anyway, when she gets there she finds her bedroom has been decorated in pink frills and Titanic posters courtesy of her housemate. Driggs.

And now for a tangent on him. He’s flipping amazing. He’s a bit of a jerk in the begining but you get over it after you get to know him. The whole time through the book you sit there going, “…now…kiss!”

But as it turns out our Lex is a Grimm Reaper. And Driggs is her partner. She takes the souls out of the bodies and Driggs takes them to the underworld. Which is the bank. But as the book plays out you learn that people who shouldn’t die are dying. And Lex thinks its okay because they were bad people. But, as a Grimm Reaper rule, she couldn’t help them or even say that its the right thing to do.

It a really, really good book with suspense and just enough romantic tension to keep you happy. Great job! Yay!

Best trailer ever!


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  1. quinngardner says:

    Plus, Gina Damico will be at the Dewitt Barnes and Noble on Sat. 10/27 at 1PM! Here is more information about the event.

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