Ray LaMontagne – “Gossip In The Grain”

First of all you say his name  “ley-mahn-tane”. Now that we’re clear on that, what can you expect from this CD?  A lot of gorgeous guitar and husky voice.  His music is really chill and kind of on the folk-ish side of things.  Really good. He’s got a couple other CD’s out as well that you might want to check out if you like him.  And if you like him so much that you want to listen to similar music then go ahead and check out William Fitzsimmons!  You won’t regret it.

Okay so now I will show you my FAVORITE song. It’s so good I could cry.  I’m not even joking. This song is like the most innocent and organic love song out there.  It’s called “Let It Be Me”

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I’d love to hear feedback and other recommendations! Don’t be afraid to comment!

So I leave you with that, music minions.  Enjoy!!


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