Hello, I’m Zerbie!  I’m typing this from one of Petit Branch’s computers, as it would happen.  I like Petit Branch a lot.  I’ll be blogging about various things, mostly books, movies, music, and other such things.

A little about myself: As I said, I think Petit Branch is awesome… really, libraries in general are awesome.  I read a lot, I watch a lot of movies, I listen to a lot of music… you know, the type who spends a lot of time at the library.  Presently I’m re-reading the Harry Potter books (I’ve read them before) and am currently on Chamber of Secrets.  I also have seen the whole Star Wars trilogy, Citizen Kane, King Kong, and lots and lots of other movies, including a significant (though not huge) percentage of Hayao Miyazaki’s filmography.  As for music, I like the Traveling Wilburys.  They’re one of my favorites, and I think it’s kind of a shame that they only released two albums.  I also am planning on listening to the Beatles White Album sometime.  (Technically, it’s just titled The Beatles, but we need something to call it to distinguish it from the band that recorded it, don’t we?)  I’m the kind of guy who appreciates good audio fidelity, and will listen to an album on vinyl or maybe casette if possible, although I consider CD quality to be acceptable for general listening.

Achievements: I am captain of one of my school’s two Quidditch teams (ground-based Quidditch; we wouldn’t know where to find 14 flying brooms plus a proper set of Bludgers and a Snitch.)  I am also a Dungeon Master (that is, I run a game of D&D at school) and have managed to beat Contra without the Konami Code, plus I once managed to beat a professionally-trained dancer in a dance contest, or at least I think I did, the results of the vote were kind of unclear.  Oh, yes, plus I’m learning to be a wizard.  Not very good at it yet, though.  I’m presently looking for information about how to fashion a wand for myself.  Well, I’ve said about all I was going to say for my first post.  Bye!


4 responses »

  1. zerbieh says:

    P. S. (forgot to add this while typing the post, d’oh!) I didn’t type the whole thing on the library’s computer. The last part was written on my computer at home.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed reading your introduction Zerbie. I learned some new things about you even though I have known you for many years. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading! You are such a good writer.

  3. quinngardner says:

    I’m so glad that you’ll be posting, Zerbie! I love re-reading the Harry Potter books, too! Looking forward to your next post.

  4. kayleeblack says:

    Hey zerbieh! I’m kayleeblack, whats up? Its nice that I finally have some company! I love Miyazaki, hes freaking amazing. Well, i hoped you liked my reveiws and can’t wait to see some of yours. Peace off!

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