By : C.J. Skuse

Best. Book. Ever. Seriously guys.

So, there’s this girl named Jody right? And she’s totally addicted to Jackson Gatlin. He is the lead singer of The Regulators which is the best band in, like, the entire world.

Plus, he’s totally smoking hot! And his stage persona is ‘The Madman’ (awesome!)

Anyway, she has a best friend named Mackenzie (Mac) who gives her a ticket to one of their concerts! *squeal* Mac is totally cool. He wears guy-liner and fishnet shirts. OMG, so cool! He’s really sweet and nice too. Jody actually thinks he’s gay but, as we all know, hes totally not and shes delusional.

But, I digress, of course she goes to the concert and by the end of the night she…uh…well, she kidnaps Jackson Gatlin. …Oops?

But, when the rock star wakes up in Jody’s garage it turns out that…he actually doesn’t want to leave. Whoa.

Ensue Mac jealousy, Jackson’s babyish tantrum fights, and a in-over-her-head Jody.

But, Jackson is so cool! I loved him so much. At the beginning its a bit rough and you’d like to punch him in the head more than once. But he gets better and as it turns out you totally fall in love with him. *enter dreamy sigh here*

No trailer!!!! What is the world coming to?!


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  1. quinngardner says:

    I have been wanting to read this. I’m glad you liked it so much. I might move it up on TBR list. Thanks for sharing.

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