So, uh, hey.  I just got home from school and figured, “hey, I’ll just blog about whatever” and so here I am typing this.  You know what bugs me?  Pan and scan.  It’s altering the director’s intended sequence of images, is what it is!  But I’m not the one to explain it.  These guys are:  Seriously, they have a point.  Watch movies in widescreen if at all possible, I say!  What can I say, I love ranting about the evils of pan and scan. 🙂  Now, this blog post might seem kind of irrelevant, but I said that I’d be blogging about, among other things, movies, and this certainly falls under that.  Although it kind of also falls under “miscellaneous.”  Also, LISTEN TO MUSIC IN SOMETHING BETTER THAN 128kbps.  PLEASE.

Zerbie out.


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