Look through the stacks in the Music section and you will find….

Feist – “The Reminder”

Feist. Is awesome.  Her voice is a mix of velvet and chocolate. Seriously, can it get any better than that?  Yes so, she’s one of those cool chicks who is a solo artist but has a band name.  Her name actually is Leslie Feist.  I wonder how she got her band name figured out…Okay so she’s got the voice of a goddess, what else?  Her sound is kind of an alternative/indi/soft rock vibe that could be compared to Cat Power  (If you don’t know Cat Power then look her up- though I’m actually not a HUGE fan of her music).  She’s got three albums out and I adore her first one called “Monarch: Lay Your Head Down.”  Sometimes it’s the oldest music that’s the best.

You might recognize this song on “The Reminder” because it’s been on commercials before:

Also note the song “So Sorry.”  She shouldn’t be apologizing cause it’s SO GOOD.

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  1. Terri says:

    I LOVE this song. And: “Also note the song “So Sorry.” She shouldn’t be apologizing cause it’s SO GOOD.” Ha. I just had to repeat, ’cause that’s funny stuff.

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