My Petit Pickage for the day is SUCH a treat.

“(500) Days of Summer” Soundtrack

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, drop what you are doing right now and watch it.  Seriously.  The movie is fantastic! A little depressing but in a nice resolution sort of way.  Anyways I’m getting away from the topic. MUSIC. Okay. So this has got to be one of the greatest soundtracks ever.  Apart from the Twilight soundtracks. OKAY. I KNOW. I KNOW. I’m embarrassed to admit it- but I cannot lie and say that the music they picked isn’t good.  Some of my favorite music artists come from those soundtracks. So judge if you will but you’ll miss the good music. AGAIN I am going off topic. SORRY. Back to (500).  I love how this album combines some old music with current music as well.  We’ve got The Smiths in there and then we’ve got Regina Spektor and The Temper Trap and then back to Simon & Garfunkel.  We even have Feist (previous Petit Pick) in there too! Look at me, being all clever and cross referencing :’)  You know that song “Sweet Disposition” that everyone knows about?  That showed up in this movie first.  You don’t know it? Then you’ve been under a rock. Kidding.

Here it is (one of my FAVES)

Come pick this CD up at Petit today! Or Place A Hold Here

Have fun, minions of music.


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