Over You

By: Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus

Max is the go-to guy for heartbroken high-school girls all over NYC. She started her own business called Ex, Inc. and has two apprentices. The fabulously gay Zach, and a cute, innocent, sweet girl named Phoebe. These three help girls (or guys) who have been dumped get over the jerks who dumped them.

So, the case Max has right now is for a girl Bridget. She’s trying to get over her boy-next-door boyfriend, Taylor. And he literally lives next door so its a bit harder than the average case.

She also meets Taylor’s best friend Ben…hmmm…you can fill in the blank for this one. He’s so cute and sweet!

But, right in the middle of the most crucial part of the getting-over-him routine called ‘The Moment’ someone Max doesn’t expect turns up.

The reason she made Ex. Inc in the first place.

Hugo Tillman.

And he decides he wants her back. But no girl can get over being dumped twice. Not even Max.

Well fu-


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