The Star Wars Trilogy

The Star Wars Trilogy is awesome.  Quite possibly the three greatest movies ever, if you ask me.  One amazing galaxy-spanning story, taking up, fully, about six and a half hours.  Amazingly written dialogue.  Perfectly staged camera angles.  And of course, the best special effects in the world.  I particularly like the whole part about the force and how it figures into the archetypal hero’s journey.  Star Wars is a synthesis of all the little bits of culture that have made up film and literature for centuries, formed into something that’s familiar and yet like nothing you’ve ever seen.  Bottom line, if you have yet to see the Star Wars movies, go check them out.  Now.



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  1. Terri says:

    I agree, Zerbie. I was aghast the other day when I heard that a friend hadn’t seen this. And I really appreciate your knowledge of the hero’s journey. (And LOVE the poster picture you chose!) Keep writing!

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