By: Kirsty McKay

This book is about a girl named Bobby. Nope, dead serious right now. Bobby. She moves back to the UK after living in the U.S.A. for a couple of years and she gets back right on time to go on a ski trip with her new school.

They stop at a restaurant but Bobby doesn’t go in. And neither does the coolest guy ever. Like, ever.

This guy’s name is Smitty. Why did this author have to go with the two worst names ever??? Kill me now. But, moving on, hes awesome. Hes not a loner but more of the rebel-without-a-clue type. Which is hot.

So, her and Smitty kind of just sit around for a while until their teacher turns up again. But, this time the teacher doesn’t yell at them. He tries to eat them.

Yep, everyone in the restaurant has gotten turned into a zombie. Yes!

They meet a snobby girl called Alice (dubbed ‘Malice’ by Smitty) and a nerd boy who is really cool called Pete. And also a brother and sister, some wacko mad scientists who live in a castle and lock them in a dungeon, and a bus driver. Who they kill with a…ski pole i think it was.

Anyway, the book was totally awesome. It had the bloody zombie killings, and, just enough fighting and romantic tension to keep me happy. Smitty is awesome!!!
Plus, giant plot twist in the end! Everyone loves those!


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  1. quinngardner says:

    I agree, the names are a little out there. Especially Smitty (all I can think of is pirates). But, clearly, I need to read this one! Thanks for the review/recommendation.

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