Beautiful Disaster

By: Jamie McGuire


This is possibly the best book that I’ve ever read. I am so serious you guys. Anyone who hasn’t read it needs to read it. Now.

Meet Abby Abernathy. She is a good girl. She doesn’t drink or swear, and she has the appropriate number of cardigans that she wears daily. I actually like her despite the good girl quality’s and relate to her. And her best friend America is freaking epic.

And now meet Travis Maddox. He is literally the definition of one night stands. And awesome. He spends his nights winning money in a floating fight ring and, don’t worry, he never looses.

Travis hits on Abby, as any good player would, but Abby shoots him down. But Travis doesn’t try again. He does however trick her into moving in with him…enough said. Mwhahaha! And it turned out okay! Abby and Travis become friends – with the perfect amount of romantic tension of course! And throughout the first half of the book Abby dates a couple of other guys but Travis, well…he’s not happy.

Enter some stuff I wasn’t expecting, including, but not limited to, a HUGE freaking plot twist involving the Mafia, Casinos with handsome managers, and a girl with so much luck she never looses at a game of cards.

The Mafia is in it! Mind = Blown. And here i thought it was just going to be yet another simple but sweet romance book.
NOPE. Mafia.

I was blown away by this book, fell head over heels for Mr. Travis Maddox, and gripped the book in my hands without letting go until I had read every. Single. Word.

I’m officially in love. And you will be too.



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  1. quinngardner says:

    I am so glad you liked this book. I’m on hold for it and hope to get it soon. Beautiful Disaster is a new type of book that people are calling New Adult. The main characters are usually in college. It’s kind of between the teen books, and the adult books.

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