Radiohead – “In Rainbows”

Radiohead.  OK. Yes. JUST YES. I FREAKING LOVE RADIOHEAD.  Radiohead has the most diverse sounds ever.  Like they’ll put out really simple guitar music and then crazy electronic upbeat crazy shenanigan stuff. There’s so many different Radiohead albums out there that I suggest you just listen to all of them because you won’t understand the band until you hear all they have to offer. The genius behind Thom Yorke (lead singer) is amazing.  He also has a rep for being absolutely ridiculous. Like hilariously ridiculous on stage.  I LOVE HIM. I’ll show you:

O.K. Now here’s a song from the album:

AND here’s one of my favorite songs. IT’S INCREDIBLE! (and the guitarist is SPICY….Just sayin..)

Anyways.  There’s your taste of Radiohead.  The Library has a ton of music by them so get your butts over to Petit or place a hold!



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