Monday, June 1, 5:37 p.m.
This is my blog. The things here you may not believe, and then again, you could believe if you wanted to. Your choice. I just write the blog.

The last few weeks of school before summer are never fun. They’re expected to be, yes. But they are not. Don’t let them fool you.

The sun was blinding, sidewalk hot enough to fry and egg, and the minimum amount of clothes I was allowed to wear to school never kept me cool.  It sure felt like summer to me as I panted when I ran into school, sighing as I reached the shade of the building. My blue, ratty backpack was slung across my back and bumped up and down as I pushed open the metal and plastic door leading into my school. I closed my eyes as I stepped into the cool air-conditioned halls of Washington high, praying I had no sweat marks on my new shirt.

“Thank god.” I muttered, as I looked down at myself.

My steel toed combat boots were scuffed, as usual, and my shorts were just long enough not to get called and sent to detention for and I smiled as I brushed off my tight green T-shirt.

 “Essie!” my friend Kitty ran up to me, her short crimson bob easily seen through the crowd. She wore her signature black stilettos and flowy blue top paired with black skinny jeans. She was almost as tall as me in her 4 inch shoes and I had to give her credit for the fact that she could run in them. I always felt under dressed in her presence but, as her best friend, I had to admit; she was fabulous.

“How are you Essie?” Kitty squealed, brushing her shirt off as I rolled my eyes and made my way to my locker, pushing through the crowd and glaring at a freshman who almost tripped me. “Watch it.” I said sharply and the boy grinned mockingly at me.

I opened my locker and shoved my backpack in and shook my head, “Same as usual Kitty darling.” I told her sarcastically.

“Bored?” a new voice cut in and I turned to see Trevor smiling at me, his tall, scarily thin, frame was draped on the locker next to me and he smiled shyly and shook his brown hair out of his eyes.

Trevor was my best guy friend; he had liked me at one point but was over it now. He was captain of the track team and got annoyed whenever people disagreed with him about anything.

“As usual.” I sighed and Kitty snickered, “Just like yesterday.”

“And the day before that.” Trevor offered and I turned to glare at my friends.

“Shut up.” I grimaced and then jerked my books out of my bag as the second bell rang. Trevor leaned over to kiss my cheek playfully as Kitty waved and took off like a shot down the hallway toward her class.

“See ya Essie girl.” and then Trevor jogged after her.

I turned to close my locker when a bony hand reached out and grabbed my arm tightly.

I jerked quickly away, instincts taking over, and ripping the arm away. I twisted to the side, holding my books in front of me for protection. Then I realized I wouldn’t need it.

Mr. Clancy stood in front of me, wrinkled old face scowling like always and holding his hand, glaring at it. He was the vice principal and was feared by all the students who all half joked he was part devil.

“Sorry.” I apologized and he glanced up, rubbing his hand. “I thought you were someone else.” I winced at how lame that sounded.

 “I’m going to class.” I assured him quickly, “Last bell hasn’t rung yet,” I hesitated, “sir.” I added on for good measure and he scowled harder. He looked up at me, straitening his hunched frame up. It still came no where near my 5.11” frame but he could try.

“I’m not worried about that Miss. Fever. I want to see you in my office.” he said, then promptly turned away to stalk down the hall.

I hurried after him, quickly going through anything I could have done in the past 24 hours that could get me into trouble. Nothing came to mind but as we continued down the hallway and students slowly disappeared into the classrooms an ominous feel came over the corridor and I shivered. What was going on? My shoes ground me to the floor and I looked around the silent hallway as the students all reported to their classes. The slick linoleum floors were checkered black and white and the wooden doors on either side of the white tiled wall were a simple oak with a single window, showing that classes had just begun inside.

The vice principal led me through the office and the office lady (Barbra?) smiled with sympathy at me before going back to her work.

Mr. Clancy opened his door and gestured me into his office and I froze as I saw the other person lounged in a chair, back to us.

He turned and I narrowed my eyes.

William Ink.

William Ink was a junior and year older than me.

A very attractive, very arrogant, junior.

Black hair fell across the boy’s forehead, jet-black and curling just so around the ears. His eyes were hidden behind a pair of aviator sunglasses but as he lowered them I saw that they were also black. He had a pale angular face and shockingly high cheekbones that made you weak in the knees. And his eyes…you could get lost in eyes like his. Bright blue and cuttingly sharp and icy. He wore his signature faded jeans and black shirt and as I watched he shook his head slightly, displaying a silver ear piercing.

This was the kind of guy who was called in and responsible for half the things that happened in school.  Yeah, Will was about as attractive as you get but he also knew it right well. We had never gotten along, not that we knew each other that well.

Kitty always said his insults were there because he liked me which was just…ew.

He was a jerk. And I hated him.

“What?” he snarled, meeting my glare with one of his own and Mr. Clancy sighed as he circled around his desk to sit down.

I glared, curling my lip in disgust as I sat down, holding my books tightly in my lap. Will raised one perfectly sculpted eyebrow and sneered at me.

He propped his combat boot clad feet up on the desk and adjusted his black V-neck shirt.

“What do you think you are in here for?” Mr. Clancy asked us and Will let out a snicker, “Wouldn’t know. Get called in here every bloody day don’t I?”

“Well, I know for a fact I have nothing to do with anything he does.” I said, not caring if I sounded snotty. “Yeah, I would never include her with anything I do. It would get ruined.” the boy shot back.

“Shut up Ink.” I snarled his last name and he grinned tauntingly at me.

Mr. Clancy nodded, “Could you two stop bickering for two seconds?” he asked sharply and I leaned back in my seat, still glaring at the black haired boy. “Just listen.” the old man said, leaning back in his chair.

It was silent for a minute before Will spoke in a bored voice, “Care to elaborate vice man?” he asked and I rolled my eyes.

“William Ink and Essie Fever, you are the new chosen ones.” he said in a creepy deep voice that sent shivers down my spine.

Will froze then slowly took his feet off the desk, placing them on the floor and leaning forward slightly, scowling, “What?” he asked in a low, dangerous voice.

“What?” I repeated, confused. What the heck did he mean? “Chosen for what? Honors?” I asked him and Will snickered. I tensed in annoyance.

“No Miss. Fever. Not honors.” the old man took a deep breath and I snuck a glance at Will who was watching him with rapt attention, blue eyes smoldering.

“You and Will have been chosen as the new slayers. Vampire slayers.”

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  1. quinngardner says:

    I absolutely want more of the story!

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