Monday, June 1, 6:43 p.m.

“You and Will have been chosen as the new slayers. Vampire slayers.”

I heard Will take a breath and I froze as his words sunk in.

Then I burst out laughing.

“Please!” I gasped for breath as I stood up, propping my books against my hip, “You for real?” I asked him, grinning and leaning back.

“Seriously vice man, I ain’t got time for this.” Will said, standing too. The old man glared at us with so much force I sat down again, Will quickly followed.

We both sat there in silence before the old man sighed, running his hands over his balding head. “Look. You two are not the best students I’ve ever seen. And definitely not the ones I would have chosen, but the council thinks you two have potential.”

I ignored the obvious insults in that sentence and sat up, “What council?” I asked. “The slayer council.” the old man replied easily.

Will was silent, just staring at Mr. Clancy.

“So, you’re trying to say that me and Ink over there have been chosen to slay vampires?” I scoffed, incredulous, “Okay, your officially crazy. I’m out of here.” I stood only to have Will grab my sleeve, stopping me from leaving.

I glared at him but he didn’t even look over at me, just kept watching Mr. Clancy, “Just listen to what he has to say Essie.” Will said quietly.

“Dude, I don’t have to listen to a thing!” I said, jerking away from his grasp but not moving. Something inside of me stopped me from walking to the door. Curiosity I guess. I didn’t really believe him but it wasn’t everyday your vice principle tells you that it’s your new job to slay vampires.

“Actually, I would listen if I were you.” Mr. Clancy said, narrowing his eyes, “If you want to live.”

I froze. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked slowly, worried he was going to whip out a knife and stab me. “I’ll tell you if you sit.” Mr. Clancy said and I grimaced. Really, what was I, a dog?

I sat anyway and Will glanced over at me, nodded once, as if in hopes of calming me down, and then looked back at the old man.

“The slayer council is very selective with choosing its slayers and the people they tell the secret of vampire life to. So, if you choose not to become the slayer and accept your duty I’m afraid we will have to send an assassin after you and you will suffer a very slow painful death.”

Will laughed nervously, “Uh, your bluffing right?” he asked and I noticed his hands gripping the chair so hard his knuckles were turning white. Mr. Clancy smiled once, “I’m afraid not.”

Mr. Clancy told us that he’d give us the rest of the week to think it over, gave us passes and then shooed us out of his office saying he had paperwork to do. Can you say lame?

I have no idea what to do!

Posted by : Essie Fever

Three Comments –


So you’re like the next vampire slayer?! That’s awesome! I would totally be like, ‘Heck yes I’ll slay vampires!’ You gotta do it! And that Will guy seems like a total loser, all creepy and mean! This is so crazy! You’re a slayer! AHH!

YOUhaveNOidea says…

This is freaky, are you like having delusions! I mean it sounds like a freaking vampire book! Its awesome and all but still…are you sure you’re not sick? If this was real I’d say you shouldn’t do it but as I don’t believe you…have fun with that.

CallOfDuty says…

Dude! Your like the next Buffy and don’t tell me!? I’m your best friend! Is this a scam to make sure I’m reading your blog? Prepared to be questioned at school tomorrow! And Will? REALLY?


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