My sincerest apologies for not posting the new releases these past two months.  I just completely forgot! I promise to get that up at some point (at least December’s) and to hold you over, here is the Petit Pick for the day:

The Shins – Port of Morrow

This is The Shins.  Have you heard of them? I’d be surprised if you haven’t because they’re pretty popular.  But, then again, I don’t know all of you well enough to know your tastes in music (I’d love to know if you’d just drop a comment or something! You’d be surprised how much music I could find for you if I knew your taste).  Anywho, this band definitely has that relaxed rock indi-ish vibe going for them.  They kind of remind me of 70’s music sometimes- but that isn’t a bad thing! I ask that you open your minds and give them a good shot to impress you.  It actually bums me out that I find this just floating in the music section without ANY attention! What is this?!?  AND it only came out like last year. So yeah.  Listen. And Petit also has a couple other CD’s by them if you dig their sound.

Alright, here’s a sample of the album (something a little more contemporary compaired to other stuff on the album);


Place A Hold Here


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