Wednesday, June 3, 4:54 p.m.

Will is back!

I walked into school today to see Will getting off a brand new black motorcycle in the parking lot and then jogging into school. I tried to follow him in but I lost him after he passed the office.

He was probably in there trading vampire killing techniques with good old Mr. Clancy.

I saw him at lunch too, he sat with the rest of the punk guys, per usual, but when I tried to approach him and ask what was up but he just sneered and sent me a blistering glare.

He seemed harder and colder than yesterday and I wonder if it’s because he accepted the slayer job. It’s kind of scary to think I might become all cold but at the same time I want to know what he knows. Are vampires real? Do they exist? Am I crazy?

Kitty kept asking me what was up with Will but Trevor finally told her to shut up so I could brood in peace.

What is wrong with Will? It seems like he hates me now. …Well, more than before at least! WTF man!

As soon as I got home I started chatting with Trevor online. I’m posting our chat here so I don’t have to copy it. He’s CallOfDuty and I’m Fever of 180.

CallOfDuty: So, Will’s back huh? He’s all weird now.

Fever of 180: I know. I’m afraid I’ll end up like him if I become a slayer. I don’t know what to do Trev! Should I do it? Accept the job?

CallOfDuty: No! He’s all cold and hard now! You’re nothing like that Ess, you can’t accept!

Fever of 180: Well, it’s either accept or die. Kind of a no brainer Trev. GAH, INNER TURMIOL!

CallOfDuty: But it’s not fair! Shouldn’t you have a choice?

Fever of 180: I don’t think they care.

CallOfDuty: Ug, life is so difficult!

Fever of 180: Says the boy who doesn’t need to make a life altering decision…

CallOfDuty: Shut up.

Fever of 180: I’m scared Trev. What do I do?

CallOfDuty: …I don’t know Essie. I don’t know.

Fever of 180: You’re no help.

…So yeah, I’m basically screwed.

Thoughts? Helpful hints? Anything? Sigh.

Posted by : Essie Fever

Two Comments –

YOUhaveNOidea says…

I don’t know what is wrong with you. You might be crazy but I’d need to see a therapist to make sure. ‘Dear Doctor, what do we do with the girl who thinks vampires exist?’ Seriously though, you need to see someone.

Fever of 180 replies with…

If all you’re gonna do is tell me I’m crazy get a life and stop reading my blog! Twerp.

Pinkhairedbimbo says…

This is, like, majorly scary! OMG, what if vamps exist! The human race is dead! AHHH! Oh, and the 411 is that Will is dating a crackhead, that’s why he’s all weird.


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