Thursday, June 4, 9:44 p.m.

So, I followed Will today after school and this is what happened.

Today he was wearing a (surprise, surprise) black shirt and faded jeans. I would be lying if I said he wasn’t attractive and I wasn’t jealous of his new motorcycle. I would totally be a slayer if that’s what came with it.

I practically ran out of math, which is my last class of the day, and threw my books into my locker. I ignored Kitty’s calls from the end of the hallway and just ran to the cafeteria where I knew Will came through at the end of every day. So yeah, I’m kind of a stalker. Deal with it.

I watched him say bye to his friends in that weird guy way where the hug with one shoulder (???) and then go to his locker. He slid his books out of his bag and into his locker, and then walked slowly down the hall.

He hid in the bathroom, and me in the room across from it, until almost all the kids were gone. Then he finally came out and I quickly followed, listening for footsteps of the janitor and making sure Will couldn’t see me. I followed the dark haired boy down the hallway, wincing as the lights shut off, and then watched as Will looked around and the crept into the gym.

I waited a couple of seconds before silently sneaking up to the gym door and peeking through the little window in the door. Will and Mr. Clancy stood in the middle of the room, talking, and Will was holding a…what the…?

Giant ax?! I stumbled against the door and then cursed as Will looked around curiously. I prayed he didn’t hear me and my wishes where answered because he quickly looked away.

I watched as Mr. Clancy gave Will some kind of orders and Will nodded, stepping back and swinging the ax around his head. Mr. Clancy said something and Will let the ax fly from his hands and bury itself in the wall.

I let out a little gasp as the silver metal imbedded itself into the wood.

I mean come on! Will just threw an ax into the wall!

Mr. Clancy started clapping and then walked toward Will again and I opened the door a crack to hear what he was saying. “–that was perfect Will. You are learning fast!” Mr. Clancy said, nodding as Will grabbed the ax out of the wall and tossed it to the side, “Thanks.” he replied, taking two daggers that I hadn’t noticed before, out of his belt and tossing them into the wall just like the ax.

“And what about Essie? She needs to join us.”  Mr. Clancy said, watching Will calmly as he grabbed the daggers from the wall also.

Will grimaced as if in pain, “Yeah, I don’t know if she will though.”

“She’ll die then.” was the calm answer.

I flinched.

“NO!” Will said suddenly, voice cracking, and I looked up, surprised at his sudden outburst. “No, please, she…she’s just confused.” Will said, fidgeting. Whoa…wait, what? Will…cared? If I lived or died? Woah.


I let the door slowly slide shut and then I got up, creeping away.

Okay, so, Will swinging a giant ax like it was nothing. Caring if I died. Mr. Clancy threatening my death.

I’m joining.


Posted by : Essie Fever

Three Comments –

CallOfDuty says…

You can’t join Essie! We agreed you wouldn’t! You had better be kidding! …And do you know where I could get one of those axes?


Whoa! This is getting complicated! Will cares if you live or die. And here I was thinking he was creepy and mean. I actually like him now. Cool. Anyway, we need details of tomorrow girl! Lots of intimate, personal details!

CandyGRRL says…

Ooooh, shiny axes! This is gonna be good, I just know it! I love that you decided to become a slayer! U ROX GIRL!



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