I was debating whether to put this in movie or music since this blog is inspired by the movie release but focused on the music.  So I’ve decided a post about both will do.  So the music of Les Mis.  I have grown up with the amazing dramatic music of this incredible show and ever since I can remember I’ve known all the songs and a majority of the lyrics.  Naturally, I went to go see it yesterday and now I cannot get the songs out of my head. 

So first there’s the really well known songs like “On My Own” and “I Dreamed A Dream.” But, as amazing as these songs are they are only part of the show.  There’s so many songs that are overlooked.  So I’m not going to highlight the ones that are well-known (though in the movie Anne Hathaway killed “I Dreamed A Dream” with such an emotional performance.  I cried. It was intense. So definitely check it out).

Sadly, I could not find the movie version of the song but here’s a clip from the 25th Anniversary Concert (and yes, that is Nick Jonas. Relax.)  The lyrics from “In My Life” just express exactly what is going on in the story.  She’s stating her feelings for Marius but in a way that’s classy and poetic and the music is GORGEOUS.  Let’s just say MAJOR CHILLS.

And then there’s “Stars” sung by Javert

This song breaks my heart.  It’s beautiful in every possible heart-wrenching way.  Incredible.  The movie version is extremely powerful (I’ll be reviewing this song more in my blog post in the movie section)

(just incase you can’t stand Nick Jonas. Honestly, I was surprised how well he did considering he was in a crappy boy band…)

Alot of this music will not make sense unless you know the story of “Les Miserables” so I suggest that you go see it while it’s in theaters.  It is SO worth it.  Just bring a  box of tissues. Seriously.


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