So, these were just a few of the books i got for Christmas this year. I got more! But these were the more prominent of the batch. Literally, i got so many they wouldn’t all fit back on the plane so i had to leave two there! 😦


This is Hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. Its a really popular book and i actually got the whole series but i just love this cover! I have read this series before but i forgot just how epic they are! You get a bit tired of the girl after a while for her not freaking trusting Patch, but otherwise shes cool.

And Patch, oh, i just LOVE him. He’s epic in every way. Bad enough to be cool, yet sweet enough to be nice, and totally awesome! Everyone should read these! I’ll probably do another (longer) review later.

girl v. boy

This is Girl V. Boy. …It was pretty good, if not a bit confusing at times. So there’s a competition going on between the girls and the boys (duh!) for a month off of school. And the school paper has picked one girl and one boy to cover each side. I liked the girl but she seemed to complain a lot and  jumped between boys. First she had a crush on this jock boy, and o totally thought he was cool, and then this nerd/knight boy who was epic. And then she ends up with this completely other guy and…sigh. Huge plot twist in the end. Loved it. But it was a bit confusing.


This is Redemption. It was about this rocker chick who was totally epic. She was smart, but didnt beleive that she actually she liked this guy! Annoying…

The guy is awesome though! He was a gargoyle that, when she used magic in front of him, got turned back to his 17 year old persona. She also refused to believe she had magic. …More annoyance…

But it was a good book with romance and music and attacks of creepy things! Really liked it!

sea change

This is Sea Change. Nice cover huh? …awkward moment. Anyway, this was good. It was about this girl and her mom who went back to their home island for a summer and the girl falls in love with a local boy. The boy was so cool! i liked him a lot. And he was a nice guy! So rare.

It was good but the ending was a bit abrupt. And, yes, there was magic and mermaids. (mermans)


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  1. Terri says:

    You never cease to amaze, Kaylee. You got all of these for CHRISTMAS, and you’ve already read them? Wow. I definitely plan to read some these – especially the last two. But I also got books for Christmas, and I don’t read as fast as YOU. 🙂

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