(Continued from ‘Joining the Crazies’)

I tried to convince myself that as I left a note to my parents saying I would be back from Kitty’s a bit late and not to wait up. The thing about my parents is that they care but don’t often care enough to look to closely at things.

I hopped on my bike and sped off, watching the sun sink slowly into the trees as I made my way to Rosewood Cemetery.  I got there at almost 7 on the dot and hid my bike in some bushes on the outskirts of the eerie grave filled fields. It was pretty creepy, fog slowly slinking across the field, obscuring some of the smaller gravestones and making the bigger ones loom even bigger in the shadows.

Can we say ominous please?

“Slayer.” an old yet sly voice slipped through the fog, raising the hairs on the back of my neck. I turned slowly.

An old man stood the shadow of a tree, hands and fingernails caked with dirt and grey hair sticking up in odd angles.  I hesitated; something was wrong with this…

Then the man lunged at me, hands curling into claws and face elongating and scrunching together as his mouth sprouted two giant fangs.

I screamed, the sound ripping through the silent cemetery, but my body refused to move. Then it kicked into action.

I spun, foot kicking out to hit the man – vamp – across the face. He was thrown to the ground and I lunged forward to kick him in the gut. The vamp jumped up, fist flying out to crack across my jaw. I was jerked back by the blow and my face immediately started to ache.


Time slowed.

The vamp was lunging at the speed of a sail as Will’s deep voice washed over me, concern evident in his voice.

I turned to see him running at full speed down the hill toward me, dodging graves as he went.

It was obvious that he wasn’t going to reach me in time but Will’s hand shot out and a shiny object flew through the air toward me.

It fell into my hand and I felt a calm wash over me and I looked down to see a dark burgundy stake in my hand, glinting in the moonlight. I smiled.

Time sped up.

I grabbed the vamp by his shirt front and knocked him to the ground and then I held the stake over him and smiled, “Don’t mess with a slayer buddy.”

Then I plunged downward and watched the stake hit the vamp’s chest. The man’s fangs shrunk into its head and the boney bumps on his head disappeared. Then he burst into ash.


I whooped, grinning like mad as Will appeared at my side, gasping for breath. “Did you see that!?” I yelled to him, grabbing his shoulders and dancing around him. “I killed it!” I sang, “Wheeee!!!”

Then my adrenaline rush finally wore off and I realized I was practically hugging Will and quickly let go and stepped away from him.

“Sorry.” I said, feeling mortified and Will grinned, yes, grinned. (I know, I was freaked out too.)

“It’s alright. I reacted the same way the first time.” he said, smiling at me, “But perhaps without the whole ‘Wheeee!’ thing.” I smiled hesitantly back at him. It was weird, but I think we were getting along. And it wasn’t forced or anything!

So after that Will said I had had quite enough excitement for one night and took me home on his motorcycle after promising to take care of my bike. He dropped me off and helped me sneak through the window.

I was to excited to go to bed so I started writing on my blog! Ha! And now I’m done! And still hyper…

I wonder if we have any ice cream…

Posted by: Essie Fever

Four Comments –

CandyGRRL says…

OMG that is so kewl! You killed your first vamp! Go girl, u r awesome! BTW, Will sounds totally hot. If you don’t want him I’ll totally take him off your hands 4 u! Yum!

Fever of 180 replies with…

You don’t want him, trust me! He totally sucks! (pun intended) and thank you for the compliment!

YOUhaveNOidea says…

Wow, you really are insane aren’t you? You probably just killed some random old man out in the woods! You and this Will guy both must be high or something because you’re both insane! If I see an old man that has been killed on the news I’m turning you both in!

Soul of a BAT says…

This is totally wicked man. Buffy, move your tiny butt, Essie the vampire slayer comin’ through here! You should friend me on Facebook, I could hook you up with some places I just know are vamp hangouts.

CallOfDuty says…

Please, please, please, tell me that this is all a prank! Essie, please don’t tell me that ur serious about this. Wait, of course you are, because you would! U never think about anything but you!


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