Frankly, this is just plain the Beatles’ best album, hands down.  Although it was not the last one released, it was the last one recorded, and it’s amazingly good, especially considering that it was made by a band that was, at the time, barely functioning as a unit.  The second side, from You Never Give Me Your Money onwards, is one of the finest examples of a long, coherent rock and roll piece ever, culminating with Carry That Weight and The End… but just because you’ve finished listening to a song titled The End doesn’t mean you should turn off the phonograph, know what I’m sayin’?  The first side is awesome too, though… you might have heard Octopus’ Garden or perhaps Come Together at some point before even if you’ve never heard this album, who knows?  Anyway, go listen to this album.  Now.  It’s quite possibly the best thing you’ll ever hear.

This has been Zerbie typing.


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