We’ll today i’m going to be writing about how in syracuse and i’m sure across the world tv stations don’t give or show respect to the women sports.For example I think they don’t show respect to the su womens basketball because people think since there women then it’s going to be boring.In syrcause the mens basketball are very famous and gets shown on tv everytime they play and the whole arena is fillied with people,when it’s the su womens baketball there’s about maybe 50 people at the games.Also on the news they always show the highlights of sports on ynn news channel ,but they never sow su womensbasketball highlights or other sports that women play.I really want my city of syracuse to show the same respect to the su womens sport as the mens sports.


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  1. quinngardner says:

    I know, it can be frustrating when men’s sports get so much attention, and very little attention is given to women’s sports. Great post!

  2. tayvonl says:

    i agree sis.

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