Bully is the number one cause of teen suicides in America nearly 5000 teens commit suicide every day more than 2700,000 a year.I think bullying is one the worst things you can do to people because it not only destroy’s them physically it destroy’s them mentally and sometimes that’s all it takes for teens these days to kill them selves and that makes me very sad,but I wouldn’t say I’m new to it because I have been bullied all my life it doesn’t feel good and I know some of the stuff their going through is worse than what im going and that for sure.So we have to do something about this before ist too late.So plese if see someone getting bullied tell someone for their safety.


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  1. Terri says:

    You are so right, Tayvon. And the first step toward fighting bullying is to speak out about it, like you did here. A brave and good thing. Bravo!

  2. lnyell says:

    this is very good tayvon i love u my twin brother.

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