This album is… wow.  Just, wow.  It’s about life, and death, and the world, and the pressures that affect us from day to day… it’s one of the concept albums, the definitive ones.  The whole thing just runs together, like one big piece… Featuring some wicked guitar, some weird tape effects, and running motifs through the album, including beginning and ending with the same heartbeat sound, this is certainly what you’d call a concept album.  As always, I recommend it most highly on vinyl (it’s my good fortune that my parents have a copy on vinyl) but really it’s fine on CD… actually, the CD version is pretty good, especially seeing as it has such better stereo separation, as opposed to the vinyl, which has a full -14 dB of crosstalk, the CD has only what’s on the master tapes.  Look up “Crosstalk” on Wikipedia if you want to know more.  Again, though, I recommend it more highly on vinyl… or perhaps DVD Audio if you’ve the improbable good luck to obtain it on DVD Audio.  A good album on anything, though, really… except perhaps on mp3.

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