level 2


Level 2

By:   Lenore Appelhans


My thoughts were so jumbled after reading this. Which usually doesn’t happen that often. The overall factor was that I liked it; but there we’re some things I just did not understand. At all.

So basically we have Felicia Ward. And she’s dead. Easy enough right?

She is trapped in a stark white afterlife limbo called Level 2. She spends her days replaying memories of her family, friends, boyfriend, her life really.

Oh, and the memory of the guy who broke her heart. Though actually – you can’t really tell he did…I digress. The same guy who has just broken into Level 2 to find her.

Go Julian! See, him I like.

Felicia learns that a rebellion is brewing inside Level 2. And it seems she is the key. Don’t really know why though…the people running the whole rebellion don’t really tell her much. Actually I thought Julian did it because he loved her but, whatever.

Suspended between heaven and earth, she must make a choice. Between two worlds, two lives and two loves.

Oh right, that other guy. See her old boyfriend was called Neil. He went to bible camp a lot apparently. That’s all I got from him…yeah…he was kind of annoying.

Anyway, but the writing was good! The characters were well defined, and even though the action was a bit slow I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Distopian fiction.



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