Okay y’all.  I got some big news.

And its in the form of a hot farm boy from Smallville Kansas – Clark Kent.

More commonly known as…Superman. Oh yeah! That up there was the season premiere promo of Smallville. If you didnt watch that – watch it now!

…Done yet? Good.

Now, in October 1989 – I know, it seems like a long time ago right?? – a meteor shower hits Smallville and with it arrives a little boy. The child is found in a burning cornfield with a spaceship by his side.  He is adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent, and they named Clark.

Twelve years later, Clark saves a man called Lex Luthor’s life after Lex drives his car off a bridge. Yeah, great job…idiot.

For those of you who don’t know the comic books by heart – Lex Luthor is Superman’s Arch Nemesis. He’s not yet though, and I actually think he’s pretty cool. Well, for a bit, then he gets…not so cool.

But, anyway, Clark – who is super hot I might add (Totally droolworthy) –  likes this girl named Lana Lang. But, she has a football-playing boyfriend named Whitney.

First, may we all just feel sorry for him. I mean; 1. His name is Whitney. Seriously?!  His parents hated him.  And 2. Who can take on Superman *coughcough* I mean, Clark Kent.

But anyway, This is possibly the awesomest TV show I’ve seen in a while. Its like…Buffy or something! Its that cool. And anyone who likes superheros should definitely try it out.



2 responses »

  1. quinngardner says:

    I love Smallville, too, although I only watched to season 4 or 5. I obviously need to catch up. I always kind of liked Lex in the earlier seasons, too. Glad you like Smallville so much.

  2. kayleeblack says:

    It is seriously the bestest show ever! And Clark Kent is so…*sigh*…can i just have him?? Please???
    You should totally finish the series btw. Though Lex starts sucking later in the 5 and 6th seasons so if you liked him…you might not.
    Lois is awesome though!

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