Sunday, June 7, 4:21 a.m.

So much has happened since I last wrote it’s gonna take me all morning to get through it. *sigh* Better get started then.

So Mr. Clancy’s job for us was to infiltrate a club on the bad side of town. Its name was The Nightflower, and it was rumored to be the feeding ground of vamps galore.

So Will picks me up on my way to Kitty’s house because I told my parents I was going there for a sleepover. We got to the club around 10 at night and a light rain was just passing overhead…can we say ominous much?

The dark night surrounded me and I shivered as I stepped off the curb, long strides easily hopping the puddle on the side of the wet street. The rain was just dissipating into the night air and I stared at the darkly lit club in front of me.

I quickly shoved my hands into the pockets of my leather jacket as a cool wind swept through the warm summer breeze, effectively making the night seem just the right amount of creepy. I lowered my head as a man passed close by, heading in the direction of the club on the corner. I looked around once, and then fingered the stake hidden in my belt, making sure it was still there. The big bouncer in front of the club smiled at me and quickly waved me through the darkened doors as I approached. I nodded to the huge man, smiling in thanks as I pasted through the unlit doorway.

The club was dark and foreboding, black lights reflecting off flashing teeth and pale skin as the bodies danced and swayed for the music. It wasn’t creepy enough to make me run but enough to light my blood on fire with anger and, if I’m being totally honest, fear.

But I clenched my fists and shoved the fear down.

“Ready?” a deep, strong voice spoke from behind me, steadying me, and I nodded. “Ready as I’ll ever be.” I answered as Will stepped up behind me, hands clenched in the black pockets of his jeans. “Good.” he replied, “‘Cause this isn’t gonna be easy.”

I winced as we slowly slipped into the throng, both of us looking around for any vampire activity. I gazed around at the dancing couples and realized that I really, really wanted to dance. I started to sway but Will grabbed my arm roughly, “Just do your job Fever. And don’t get distracted!” he commanded, glaring down at me.

As I watched Will stalk away I stuck my tongue out at his retreating back. Jerk! I hated it when he acted like that!

So I turned away and smiled at a blond haired boy as he grinned back at me. I closed me eyes and let the music take me, the beat flow through my body. It feels so good to just dance. Let go.

I didn’t give a rat’s fart about the assignment! I just wanted to dance. A body moved closer to mine and I looked up into a pair of deep soulful brown eyes, which is ironic considering that vampires don’t have souls. Oops, I gave it away. So yeah, the gorgeous guy was a vampire.

But he looked like a puppy! He had floppy blond hair that fell just so and a button down white shirt that was neatly tucked into his black jeans. His lips looked pouty and as I stared at him I wondered why his shirt was tucked in. And why his hair was so perfect. And why was he sneaking glances over my shoulder at Will?


“He’s on a different team then you man.” I said, smirking up at the boy. The guy made a face, “Phooey.” he said, putting his hands in his pockets and pouting.  So the gorgeous guy was gay. Is it just me or did that tend to happen a lot. Dang it.

The guy froze then, looking down at me in horror but I just smirked, “Oh yeah,” I said, “I can figure out if a guy is gay or not.” I said, speaking lower so the others around us couldn’t hear. The blond boy looked scared, “How?” he asked quickly, “What did I do wrong?”

“Well, for one, you didn’t check me out.” I smirked bigger as he then proceeded to run an eye down my figure. I rolled my eyes and continued twisting to the music, though the vampire guy had stopped dancing. “Hm,” the guy murmured, “I guess your right.” he replied thoughtfully.

“And you were checking out Will.” I said, a hint of bitterness in my tone. The guy took it as jealous-ness or possessiveness and grinned at me.

“Taken huh?” he grinned eve wider when I quickly shook my head making a ‘blech’ face. “Never in my life.” I told him but he just smiled like he didn’t believe me, holding out a hand.

“I’m James.”


So…? You likey?


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