Note from the author – I get obsessions a lot; most of them over TV shows or books (ex. Buffy, Smallville, Obsidian). And that’s all well and good – like my obsessions thank you very much. But sometimes I dig to deep and become…OBSESSED.

‘OBSESSED’ just means you’ve moved that’s the initial “Oh! This is awesome!” stage and into the “I WILL DIE FOR IT!” kind of thing. Yeah…is that just me? …probably. *sigh*

But – if it’s not, then here are some ways to calm the OBSESSED.


1. Fanfiction.      – Now, whether it be writing or reading it, fanfiction is a very good way to get out the urges to yell throughout your neighborhood about how FREAKING AMAZING whatever you are obsessed with is. Its all your favorite characters just…in word format. Trust me – it helps. And if the thing you are OBSESSED with isn’t there: write some!

2. Re-watch/read whatever you are OBSESSED with.

3. Rant.    – Whether it be to your friends or to yourself on a walk (side note – people will think your crazy. Oh well.) talk about your OBSESSION. Your friends will get fed up sooner or later but to bad! You need it.

4. Try to immerse yourself with other things as much as possible.     – It could be another TV show or book and although this probably won’t help you get your mind off the obsession completely hopefully it will help for a short amount of time.

5. Chocolate.      – I think that’s enough said about that one.


And, one last thing. A good OBSESSION is a gift. You dont find something so awesome you get OBSESSED with it every day. Enjoy it!

Unless it had a crappy ending *coughcough* BUFFY *coughcough* In that case…good luck.


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