Hey, people, so, like, I’m doing two reviews in one post.  Think of it as making up for all the time that I haven’t been blogging.  Anyway:


This novel is a fascinating story, and it provides philosophical insights into cross-cultural communication and theoretical mathematics.  That’s not to say, though, that you need a prior understanding of mathematics to read it… not at all, it’s quite comprehensible if you only understand mathematics at… oh, I suppose something like a fifth-grade level might be necessary, but I trust that those of you reading this have at least such a level of comprehension.  It’s the story of a square, living in a two-dimensional world, until one day he runs across the one-dimensional world of Lineland.  Shortly thereafter, he is visited by… well, I won’t give too much away, but it’s a fascinating book.  It will give new insights, and is the sort of book that really makes you think.

https://i1.wp.com/horrornews.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Defense-against-the-dark-e1299618264434-324x500.jpgDefense Against the Dark

Now see, this book… this book has information that they don’t teach you in school.  Most people won’t even try to tell you how to deal with boggarts or what to do if you wander into fairy territory by accident, because most people don’t think that such things exist.  But let me tell you, they do, and if you’re looking for some decent information on how to deal with them I highly recommend this book.  It also contains information on how to cleanse a house of negative energy and what to do if you’ve had a curse placed on you, and quite a few other things.  Emily Carlin, the book’s author, teaches at the Grey School of Wizardry, and is thus quite well qualified to write this book.  The Grey School of Wizardry, by the way, is one of those online schools, e. g. online correspondence courses.  I’d like to attend, but my mom really wants me to wait until the summer when I don’t have my Muggle schooling to deal with in addition.  Well, anyway, there’s the double review, and this is Zerbie, signing out for now but hopefully writing more in the near future.


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