This is the BEST MOVIE EVER. I cannot freaking tell you how much I loved this movie. I originally watched it when I was 7, started having strange dreams/flashbacks about it a month ago and now I can’t. Stop. Watching. It.



Okay, here’s the plot!

At the beginning of the movie we meet 15-year-old Sarah who is misunderstood by her parents who think shes a bit, well, irresponsible. When they leave for the night hey leave in her care her half-brother Toby. Accidentally, while Toby is having a crying fit she says, “I wish the goblins would take you away. Right now!”

Hearing her wish the goblins do as she asks and, abruptly, Toby vanishes from the crib. Right after Sarah figures out what shes done a barn owl flies into the room, transforming into Jareth: King of the Goblins. I loved Jareth so much. As well as being ridiculously hot, he’s sly, tricky he’s funny and smirks a lot. Plus, his lines are amazing.

Anyway, Jareth tells Sarah that he will return her brother if she can solve his Labyrinth and make it to his castle in the middle within exactly thirteen hours. Or her brother will be transformed into a goblin forever and he can never go home. He transports Sarah and himself to the Labyrinth, then leaves Sarah to start her quest.

Sarah meets a couple of friends on her way through the tricky obstacles the labyrinth poses, including the giant troll/monkey Ludo,  Sir Didymus – a chivalrous, fox knight guy who has an eye-patch! And a goblin named Hoggle who may or may not be working for Jareth to lead Sarah astray.

The labyrinth is harder than Sarah had first thought and she’ll have to fight her way through the Bog of Eternal Stench, a couple of freaky dancing birds who want to cut off her head, and even a seduction by the great Goblin King himself. Now Sarah has to find a way to being her brother back before the clock strikes thirteen.

Here’s the trailer, though the actual one is crappy so I picked another one. And keep in mind that this was a movie made a while ago so don’t judge! *glares threateningly* Enjoy! …Its epic. You need to see it.


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