You know when there’s that one book you have been waiting for forever, maybe by your favorite author, or the last book in an amazing series and you’re just…you’re just SCARED AS CRAP.

You don’t want it to end, and when it does what if it ends badly and you have that hanging over your head for, well, forever! I don’t want that! And most likely neither do any of you!

Well the book I just started is both. Arggggg… So, as any good reader does, I’m procrastinating.

What I would be doing normally : Buffy_Reading_The_Slayer_Journals

Followed by a bit of this… : dean fangirling

What I’m doing today to avoid reading (or anything really) : clark procrastinating

So….yeah, and now I’m writing this post so as to NOT READ THE BOOK.

Yep, who’s with me?

I love procrastination.


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  1. criticalwrites says:

    Oh, there’s this book (Light, Michael Grant) that’s coming out in a few days and I’m half freaking out, half terrified of reading it because I don’t want it to end but I NEED TO KNOW HOW IT WILL END!

    • kayleeblack says:

      Oh yeah, isn’t that the last book in the GONE series? I read the first four but then it started to go downhill and get depressing so i left on a good note. You have GOT to let me know how it ends!

      • criticalwrites says:

        Fear ended on this huge cliffhanger, so I’ll be sure to let you know what happens! If I can, I’ll make a reply to this when I finish!

  2. quinngardner says:

    I think I know what book you’re talking about, I am agree. I’m so nervous to read it! Although everyone says it’s amazing.

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