Okay, So I was looking through my Goodreads account when I saw that this book that I really, really wanted to read was in. I was super-duper happy! I love it when books come in that you’ve been waiting for!

Then This happened –

1. Surprise – You perk up in your seat: Oh no way…its here? Wait…whaaaatttt???stefan-salvatore-surprised

2. Disbeleif – I mean, come on! You’ve been waiting for this book for what? Like six weeks already?? And now its in! No. Fricking. Way.  bonquisha - no

2. Happiness – Its in! Oh good! Yay! buffylaugh

3. Extreme Happiness – OH, NO WAY! ITS IN! WHEEEEE!!!duke is excited

…….Then your friend walks in and goes – are u high

And by that time your probably already halfway to the library because you NEED THE BOOK!


– Quick note, I do want to make this kind of like a series so ideas for reaction stages please!


2 responses »

  1. Terri says:

    Ahahahaha! You should do one on book withdrawal – you know, when you reach the end of a series, and can’t find your way back to the “real world”?

  2. quinngardner says:

    This is great! I love the She’s the Man gif, too. I like Terri’s idea to do an reaction stages post on book withdrawal.

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