This has happened to many of us. And it is a terrible thing to go through. But know – I am here for you! We all are! I went through this in the most major stages a year ago.  My mother was punishing me for my grades, (They weren’t that bad…) She left me my computer, TV, and nook privaliges.

But she took away my bookshelf.  And my library card.  It was horrific.

This is what happens –

1. Denial – You think everything is alright. You think, “Okay, I can get through this!” Clarks okay2.Distracting – You try to do something else with your life. angst3.Terror – It dawns on you. YOU ARE WITHOUT BOOKS. dean is creepy 4.Pretense – you pretend your fine. You. Are. Not. internal screaminggif5. Zombie – You lay there and contemplate life. veronica contemplates

6. Crazy – This is what happens when you take away our books! crazy eyes

And that’s pretty much what happens. No lie.


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  1. Terri says:

    I thought I was the only person on the PLANET who had been punished by having my books taken away! This is cruel & unusual, I tell you. Cruel & Unusual!! My favorite: “Pretense – you pretend you’re fine. You. Are. Not.” Truth.

  2. quinngardner says:

    Thank goodness I was never punished as a kid/teen with that! But you made it! I also like the terror gif the best, but I love them all. And hey, it’s Veronica Mars!

    Great post!

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