So, I was like born right? best day everAnd then the first few years were all like…Marty-McFly-WhatBut then I went to school and was like – like a bossSo that was cool. Then I discovered that I didn’t hate reading! Hooray! happy clarkThen people said I read to much. So i was all like – MOVE AWAY. move!Then people started to understand that I was awesome, so I was like: cookie for youBut then I was a teenager so this happened. angstAnd then I met my weird friends. And I was all like – earth logicAnd this… you have stupid hairSo they told me to shove it. Even though they still love me!take the cookie spike!And – i regret nothing


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  1. quinngardner says:

    Awesome post! I love the Smallville gif, and especially “Best Day Ever” Tangled gif.

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