So…yeah, as you can probably guess I just read a bad book. It was annoying and it just goes to show you that not everything can be perfect about life. Ugh.

Right, so, as follows, I decided to share with you exactly how I dealt with the super freaking annoying-ness of a BAD book.

1. Happiness. You got the book! Yay! happy jade

2. Then, when you sit down to read it, the main character is ANNOYING. Don’t you just hate it when that girl/guy is just…the stupidest person ever? dean is annoyed

3. But you continue to read it. So, you’re about a quarter way in when you meet the “love interest” right? And He/She is so insanely sickly sweet or the main character falls into Insta-love with them, or they just SUCK. Its annoying. its annoying!!

4. But since the guy is relatively hot I guess I’ll stick around for a few more chapters. Clarks okay

5. Then the ending is the STUPIDEST THING EVER AND THE GUYS TURNS OUT TO BE EVIL THE WHOLE TIME (which I guess makes him more awesome but whatever) AND THE CHICK LIKE…GOES TO LIVE IN SOUTH AFRICA…I DON’T KNOW! And you’re all like “I’m out! *drops mike* So out!” im out



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  1. quinngardner says:

    Fantastic post. It’s so frustrating when a book let’s you down. Of course, now I want to know what book you read that so disappointed you. 🙂

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