Hello, I’m back again, writing about the language I’ve been studying.  Now, this may surprise you, but I’ve concluded that Esperanto may well be, in some ways at least, a superior language to English.  On what grounds do I base this claim?  Oh, well for one thing, on the fact that Esperanto has a single word for “teapot collector’s clubhouse!”  Of course, Esperanto is an agglutinative language, so this is kind of cheat, but still I think it’s kind of cool.  Broken down morpheme-for-morpheme, we get te-tea, uj-container or holder, kolekt-collect, ist-suffix -er or one who does such thing, ar-group or collection, ej-place, o-word ending which indicates noun.  So, broken down morpheme-for-morpheme, “teujkolektistarejo” means “tea-container-collect-er-group-place-(noun).”  Can English express that concept in a single word?  I think not!  So you see, Esperanto is a much more advanced language!  Gxis reskribo, (that’s Esperanto for “until I write again,” roughly) Zerbie


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  1. Ŝejno says:

    This feature of Esperanto (its agglutinative nature) is especially cool.

    On another blog I stumbled on “senteosentaĉo” – “the terrible feeling of being without tea”.

    Esperante, oni povas pensi pensojn, kiuj oni ne povas pensi angle!

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