Hello All! 

Petit Rocks! went through a little make over, and we’re going to start posting regularly again. 

New Readers:

Petit Rocks! is a blog run by the Petit Branch Library designed for teenagers. We post events and opportunities relevant to teens, especially those in our area, and we provide a place where teenagers can submit content and reach wider audiences with their words. Visit our About page to learn more. 

Old Readers: 

A couple of things have changed, so feel free to wander around the blog again to learn how everything is organized.



Organization Key: 


Creative Writing
ncludes fiction, fanfiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction written by young writers.
If you click ‘Creative Writing’ on the top bar: It is sorted first by author, then title.  
If you click ‘Creative Writing’ on the side bar: It is sorted by most recent publication. 
Along the side bar, you can also click a specific genre. 

Events & Opportunities
Includes all posts that provide information about what’s going on in the community and online for teenagers, as well as library resources. These are sorted by most recent opportunity. 

Musings & Discussion
Includes questions, ideas, teens talking about their day, issues, gif threads, videos, and general posts. These are also sorted by most recent. 

Includes reviews, reactions, and recommendations of books, movies, shows, and music. These are sorted alphabetically by title using the top bar, and by date published using the side bar.



Teen Writers: 

We are now open for submissions. If you have a piece of writing that needs an audience, a book you’d like to review or recommend, a conversation you’d like to start, an opportunity you want to share, an event more teens should know about, or even a youtube video you’d like to discuss, we’re interested. 

Check out our Submissions page for more information!





About Petit Branch Library

We are a branch of Onondaga County Public Library located in the Westcott area of Syracuse, NY. We love our community and especially our teens!

Comments make us happy! Remember to be respectful and polite.

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