It’s October! 

That means there’s some new calls for submissions.

Have a great idea for an October themed short story? Check out Bartleby Snopes- Everything October 

  • They publish two stories a week
  • $5 a story
  • If you win the ‘Story of the Month’ contest, you get a chance to win $25
  • Must somehow relate to Fall, October, Walpurgisnacht, Halloween
  • Or Death making a pie.
  • You can also submit art.

Have poetry, fiction, nonfiction, opinion pieces, artwork, photos, or videos that you’d like to share with a theme of Voice? Check out Cuckoo Quarterly

  • Open to writers aged 12-19 internationally
  • Deadline November 9th.
  • You’ll hear back if your piece will be published after November 22
  • Your submission will also be considered for their print addition
  • “We want to hear your voices. Woman, mother, partner, child, sister, writer, reader, Northern, British, perfectionist? What are your roles, what voices do you speak in? Do you have an accent, a dialect, words that only you and your friends use? What sounds do you hear where you live? East coast or West coast? North or South?”

About Petit Branch Library

We are a branch of Onondaga County Public Library located in the Westcott area of Syracuse, NY. We love our community and especially our teens!

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